Sacred Lotus Wellness

Just like the seed that has to sit in the darkness and find its way into the light, My journey reflects the path of the Lotus. I now float above the murky waters of material attachments and physical desires.

My name is Jennifer Lynn Forshee (Janisha) and I was born August 15, 1979. I am originally from California. I have been in Puerto Rico for the past 13 years. I have taken this time to find the way back to myself through yoga. The union of body, mind and spirit has launched me into the direction of meeting my soul’s purpose. Art and nature have played a huge role and been doses of medicine to me along the way. I used to use self destruction as a way to fill myself. Self sabotage and toxicity were a huge part of my practice and all I knew in the past. Using these habits left me feeling nothing but empty in the end.

Most of my early life was filled with addiction, toxic relationships, treating my body like a trash can and just kind of floating around with not much of a purpose. I hit a rock bottom in about 2014. I was very sick from internalizing all of my pains. My transformation started by ending a very toxic relationship. I ended up in the hospital with ovarian cysts, precancerous cells, loss of a child, an upper respiratory track infection, vertigo, a fever of 105 and 6 back-to-back surgeries. I had to die inside my body and pray from the depths of my being to choose a healthy lifestyle. I was tired of being sick and was desperate to heal but didn’t know how.

I Google searched how to cope after being in a toxic relationship and the very first thing that popped up was a woman sitting in Lotus pose.  Beneath the picture it said, “Breath”, “Meditate”, “Practice Yoga”. I told myself, “Yesss!” I had practiced off and on for about 7 years at that point. I had set the intention to wake up the next morning and start my practice. The next morning I went outside, poolside, and grabbed a beach towel. I spent an hour breathing, stretching, listening and getting into my body. It  felt amazing right away. I continued my practice daily, changing my diet, my thought process and healing modalities.

After a few months Puerto Rico was calling me back loud and clear, letting me know that I had work to do. I came back to Puerto Rico and started offering free yoga classes on the beach.  In 2015 I had decided to deepen my own personal practice and got my 200 hr yoga certification. This course opened up a space for me to ignite my inner fire and magic in a way that was understood. The gifts that I was born with started coming to life. This course gave me a sense of purpose. 3 days before Hurricane Maria I was given the keys to my studio so that I would have a safe space to stay.

After the storm I spent almost a year reconstructing the space as a part of my own personal healing. 1 year later the doors opened for yoga classes, workshops, massage and healing. Providing a space of healing was never something I had known growing up, so it fills my soul that I am able to provide this space for anyone who is seeking a sacred place to heal, with all of the tools, teachers and knowledge along my own path to healing. In 2020 I completed my 500 hr yoga certification and truly got to align with my purpose and be in complete connection with my higher self.

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. From learning how to use food as my medicine, to listening to my body on a much deeper level, and most importantly forming a closer bond to my connection with spirit and living my soul’s purpose. I am now licensed, healthy and experienced enough to provide the same space for all of you to come and heal.

My work is intentional and guided with purpose to serve and help heal. My healing process has been nothing but raw, painful and filled with deep dives into the soul and time and time again facing my own truth.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am grateful to be able to see these gifts that fill my heart and to be a reflection of light to heal our souls. With each healing experience the most sacred gifts are received. Through this journey I’ve connected with my inner shamana and shifted into deeper work aligning with Kundalini activations, ancestral healing, past life regression, deeper soul work and more. Sacred Lotus is in the Heart of Luquillo, Puerto Rico Where the rainforest connects to the ocean.  Come share and learn to be the healer of your body, mind and soul.🙏


  • 1 1/2 hr Yoga Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

    Starting at $15

  • Massage, sound healing, energy scan, intuitive tarot

    Starting at $105

  • Deep healing sessions

    Starting at $450

All classes must be registered through website 24 hrs before class.if registered $15. Drop ins $18. Cancellations must be within a 24 hr period otherwise not refunded.

All classes must be reserved through PayPal or ath Móvil 787-556-1722.

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